Terms and conditions



V1.5 - as dated


1.       Where stated, the company is SO integrations Ltd our registered office is South Hill Park Arts Centre, Ringmead, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 7PA, and the customer shall mean any person, company or organization that places an order with the company for goods and/or services.

2.       Your appointment with us for any works or on your confirmation of an estimate you agree to the advice provided by the company, and suitability, location positioning of any equipment fitted and the terms of the company as set out below, furthermore, you agree to pay in full upon completion of  any and all works carried out, as agreed with the company

3.       All goods and services provided by the company are subject to the conditions set out below and will be the basis of the contract between the company and the customer

4.       All goods provided by the company will remain the property of the company until payment has been made in full, as set out above

5.       The customer agrees to pay for all goods in advance and on confirmation to proceed with the agreed works.  Goods will NOT be ordered for any customer, without exception, until the required payment has been made and cleared into the company banking system. On completion of the installation the customer will make payment for any and all outstanding labour plus any additional parts or materials that were required to complete the installation.

6.       The company will assess each job and where requested, provide a written estimate for the work considered to provide what is required to complete the works as discussed with the customer. All estimates given verbally, electronically or advised by any other method are valid for 30 days only, errors and omissions excepted (E&OE)

7.       Payment for works carried out by SO integrations Ltd are due on completion of works, either by bank transfer or cash, unless otherwise agreed.  Please note all pricing is subject to the addition of VAT at the then prevailing rate.

8.       Where payment is not made within 14 days of the invoice date, including weekends, bank holidays and other days of closure, SO integrations Ltd will apply a charge of 8%, above and including, the Bank of England base rate,  to the invoice total for payment.  The interest will accumulate until the date in which payment is made. A late payment compensation fee will also be added to any invoice, as below;

Amount Owed


up to 999.99 pounds

40 pounds

1000 to 9999.99 pounds

70 pounds

10000 pounds and over

100 pounds

where payment has not been recieved within the agreed time. The original invoice total plus any additional charges for late payment will be the new invoice total for payment.


For example;

Invoice total: £1,000.00


Interest Rate:


Daily rate:















£1000.00 plus £73.49 equals £1073.49
The invoice for payment would now be;

Where part payment is made on an invoice, such as the original invoice total is settled but the accumulated interest and late payment compensation is not settled, the interest will continue to accrue on the remaining balance.  Should further reminders be sent in relation to this balance, an additional late payment compensation fee will be applied for payment.

For example;

Outstanding balance: £73.49



Interest Rate:


Daily rate:















The balance on account due on the time lapsed for payment would now be;

£73.49 plus £40.60 equals £114.09


9.       Where an agreement is in place for 30 days on invoice payment, for labour and any additional parts required for the installation, terms as stated in '8.' above will also apply where payment is not made within the agreed time.

10.    Any and all discounts applied to an original invoice for payment, will be null and void where any invoice payment is overdue.  The invoice for payment will revert, without exception, to the original total with discount removed.

  1. 11.    Should the necessity arise for an invoice to be sent to any third party or client, whereby losses are incurred regardless of the nature of said losses, the terms above will apply to any invoice issued, without exception. 

12.    Where an invoice is outstanding for payment and a resolution cannot be agreed, SO integrations Ltd will pursue all payments owed to us via the Small Claims Court.  Should court proceedings be initiated, all expenses incurred by SO integrations Ltd will be liable for payment by whom said proceedings have been initiated against, this will include all court costs, travel time, loss of earnings and expenses.

13.    Any time quoted for delivery and/or installation is estimated and not guaranteed. The company cannot be held responsible for the inconvenience due to cancellation/postponement of the appointment beyond the companies control.  Whilst we endeavour to adhere to appointments made with customers, please note due to the nature of the work there will be occasions when we will need to rearrange your appointment, we appreciate your understanding and flexibility should this arise.

14.    The company will guarantee against faulty materials, supplied and installed by SO integrations Ltd for a period of 12 months from installation date.

15.    Any aerial installed in the loft will adversely affect the signal and reception received, although the company will endeavour to maximise the quality of reception received in these circumstances, it cannot guarantee the results from these installations.

16.    The company cannot guarantee the quality of reception in your area and received by our equipment or installation. Reception is dependent on many factors out of the companies control. However the company will ensure the reception is received is as good as local factors allow at the time of installation where the digital signal received is below the levels recommended by the codes of

practise, but the customer is satisfied with the installation and reception received, the company cannot be held responsible for the maintenance of these signals or quality under its normal guarantee terms.

17.    The company will not provide guarantee of warranty on any equipment provided by the customer and installed by the company. Any further visits from the company due to faulty equipment of the customer after installation WILL result in a chargeable call, which will be discussed and agreed before the company’s visit.

18.    All existing cables or those fitted by a third party prior to any SO integrations Ltd installation must be clearly marked and identified.  SO integrations Ltd will accept NO responsibility, without limitation, for any existing cabling its viability or scope of use, this will remain firmly the responsibility of the installer and not SO integrations Ltd.  Where a customer wishes to proceed with existing cabling which has not been installed by SO integrations Ltd they are affirming that they accept this condition and therefore will be liable for all costs in relation to any call out where it is identified that the problem has arisen from third party cabling.

19.    Any equipment that is replaced or repaired during the period of guarantee, will remain in Guarantee from the date of the original installation.

20.     This warranty/guarantee does not cover:

1.       Reception quality and conditions changing which are outside the companies control which may be but not limited to, local building being erected, trees, cranes, maintenance of local transmitters, power cuts, lightning strikes/gales wind etc

2.       Movement or damage caused by high winds

3.       Interference caused by local radio hams, citizen band radio, electrical appliances or any other transmitting frequencies

4.       Any repair, upgrades or alterations carried out by persons other than those employed or instructed to do so by the company

5.       Any faults or equipment failure due to misuse or person damage

6.       Returning of receiving equipment due to alteration of channel frequencies or other Works carried out for the customer against the companies best recommendations, for example installation of an aerial not suitable for the reception area.

7.       In the event that the company has to hire any additional ladders or scaffolding to carry out the requested works, the customer agrees that this charge will be passed on to them and will form part of their invoice.

8.       The company will not be held liable for loss or damage caused by fire, theft, flood, riot, explosions, aircraft or items dropped there from, circumstances deemed as acts of God, lightning or damage beyond the suppliers reasonable control or acts from third parties, criminal or not.  Installation faults will be rectified.

21.    Should an appointment be arranged and you are not in, you will still be liable for the call out fee charged by the company.  Any appointment rescheduling required by the customer must be made with at least 48hrs notice, during office hours days of work, Monday to Friday.  Weekends, Bank Holidays and days of closure are not deemed a working day.

22.   We, the company, have a maintenance contract available to those customers who wish to purchase this service.  The terms and conditions of this contract would run in conjunction with those stated as the company's standard Terms and conditions.

23.    Any item which is not referred to in our 'Terms and Conditions' will NOT be covered by our 'Terms and Conditions' without exception.

24.   Whereby works are carried out as a subcontractor on behalf of a Principal Contractor, any and all delays incurred, which are outside the control of SO integrations Ltd will be chargeable, without exception.

25.  Were delays to the agreed completion date lapses due to Principal Contractor or Client original project alterations or any other change outside the control of SO integrations Ltd, any and all callouts, labour, expenses, stock and equipment will be invoiced for payment.

26.   Where additional works are requested by the client or Principal Contractor, any and all, without exception, will be invoiced for payment, these will not form part of the original agreement or project pricing and will be charged at the then prevailing rate.

27.   Where a discount has been applied or works under 'good will' have been agreed, any subsequent alterations to the original agreed project, which give rise to loss in earnings for SO integrations, these monies will be recouped, discounts and works under 'good will' be invoiced for in full, so no loss of earnings is incurred by SO integrations Ltd, without exception.

28.  Approval to proceed with any and all works, obtained verbally via telephone or face to face, obtained in written format via email, letter, fax or text message is your confirmation that works will be carried out in conjunction with the term & conditions as set out in this document and will be deemed your acceptance of these terms and conditions.