Security for schools

2N is a key partner for safety and modern schools.


School Door Communication
Keep children safe at school

Schools are not only there to impart knowledge to our children but also to keep the children safe. With this in mind, 2N offers door intercoms that not only secure the school entrance, but allow communication with any visitors.

Bell Scheduler
Schedule your school bells

Old fashioned bells and scheduling shortfalls have heard their last knell. 2N offers a modern way to manage school bell-ringing as well as to have a PA system for the whole school, with the 2N Net Audio System.

  • Bell scheduling for each class
  • Individual ringing tones for each class
  • The option to make use of existing loudspeakers
Public Address in Schools
Deliver important messages to students

Public address audio in classrooms merely in order to let you hear the Headmaster’s voice is a thing of the past. Thanks to its flexible structure the 2N system provides a much broader system for the use of all kinds of educational institutions.

  • Supports announcements into individual classrooms
  • Support announcements from a desk phone
  • Allows you to utilize existing loudspeakers
School Entrance Security
Children's safety is top priority

Increasing the safety of children on school premises should be a priority for us all. IP intercoms or Access Control units from 2N equipped with a camera and/or RFID reader cards are a perfect solution. When installed on all school entrances they reliably prevent the entry of unauthorized persons.

  • Secured access to the school
  • Access control using RFID cards
  • Wide-angle camera with links to CCTV
Lift Monitoring
No more lifts without supervision

In any building with an elevator you need to monitor the status of these facilities 24 hours a day. In so doing you get important information about the lift in operation, any technical faults, or persons ‘stuck in the lift’ and so improve the overall safety of the building.

  • Continuous monitoring of lifts 24/7
  • Greater security in the lift cabin
  • Minimizing maintenance costs
Emergency Communication from Lifts
Safety even on the highest floors

Any building with an elevator needs to address two-way emergency communication from the lift cabin. In the event of a failure you avoid trapping your visitors or employees in the elevator and, moreover, you comply with the demanding European standards EN 81-28 and EN 81-70.

  • Simple installation without cabling
  • TÜV certification
  • SW application for call-making and management
Telephone Systems
Comprehensive corporate communications solution

In today’s communication technology era, the use of a phone is a matter of course. Every employee in the company has their own desktop or mobile phone. The customer doesn’t want to be kept waiting in a queue, they want to be attended to quickly and with utmost care. This is why you need to put a comprehensive corporate communications solution in place.

  • Utilize existing infrastructure
  • Advanced SW applications, features and services
  • In-house or virtual solution implementation