Mode Lighting

Lighting design has become an integral part of interior design within homes. Executive houses with multiroom music and video systems, listed buildings with carefully considered alterations, city apartments can all benefit from the potential of lighting control.

Mode Lighting has a record of success spanning three decades, including prestigious installations at the London O2 arena, Twickenham Rugby Stadium and London Tower Bridge. Designed to bring reliable and scalable multi-room, multi-scene lighting control to both residential and commercial properties.

Mode’s robust programming system is easy to specify, install, commission and use.

A Mode Lighting Control System gives you the power to create the mood and set the scene at the touch of a button. Control levels of light and shade in a single room or throughout your home using wallmounted keypads and touch-screens or from your iPad, tablet or Phone.

Programmed from a web-based browser, the compact network processor allows for multi-room control optionally integrated with third-party equipment or systems. One processor will control all devices within a single install and multiple processors can be linked together for multi-location control, offering flexibility in design and client choice.

Through the browser you can configure and program a system from an iPad, and control it from both iPad and iPhone. This feature is available automatically once the Network Processor has been configured. When using Android, browser-based setup and control is still available with the addition of an App designed to simulate button presses throughout the system.

This flexibility allows control of your lighting from anywhere in the world over an online network

We supply solutions for both domestic and commercial use.

If you would like to discuss your project, retro fitting to your existing system or just interested in getting some more details please do contact us.