How we work

SO integrations Ltd work in a family-like team. Our developers, designers, managers and support team love what they do. Our only goal is to make our customers happy!


Our company culture is changing the way we do things. Together as one team, we will forge the future of the firm through transformation, innovation and acceleration.


This is our way to promote our company;

99% of our customers have to come to us through recommendation from clients who have already used us.  If someone of your trust tells you, "they were a good company to work with" "they did a great job at my home" "I was really pleased with the way they went about the work and advice they gave" you are more likely to use their services.  Our quality of work, reliability and honest ethos enables existing customers to advocate and endorse SO integrations Ltd.

We want to walk away knowing that you will have no hesitation in using us again or recommending us to others.

We keep our customers informed as to the approximate time our technicians can be with you, we will work round you as best we can and if it’s helpful, we’ll call you when we are on our way so you can get back if you’re out and have things to do.